Gateway Metals D2

logoGateway Metals D2 is an air hardening alloy steel which provides exceptional wear resistance with medium toughness, ease of heat treatment, and minimum distortion.  Special melting and refining practices are utilized to produce a uniform product with high cleanliness and minimum segregation.  The material is tested to rigorous tool steel standards to ensure uniformity of structure and freedom of defects.  This makes Gateway Metals D2 suitable for use in cold work tooling applications requiring maximum wear resistance such as thread roll dies, punches, blanking dies, shears, and forming dies.

About Gateway Metals, Inc.

Gateway Metals, Inc. (GMI) is an independently owned and operated full service tool steel and mold steel distributor located in St. Louis Missouri.  GMI’s inventory includes A2, D2, S7, 4140 PH, Premium H13, P20, and CPM steels.  GMI’s services include non standard sizes, precision ground bar and precision ground block.  With over 200 years of combined experience and a 24 hour operating schedule, Gateway Metals, Inc. is able to service its customers very quickly from quote to shipment.